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Leaking Balcony Repair

SBS specialises in repairing balconies, decks and concrete roofs of all sizes.

Category: Waterproofing

Experience: 12 years

Guarantee: 10 years

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Balcony Repair, if not properly executed, could result in recurring problems and significant damage to your property. SBS has a 100% track record with balcony repairs. We do not take any shortcuts and use appropriate, high quality materials to ensure that the balcony will not leak again.

Balconies in coastal areas are especially susceptible to structural problems if not properly sealed. Corrosive agents attack the steel reinforcement and over time can cause serious damage. Apart from aestheatic damages to surrounding areas, structural damage could lead to serious problems in the long term. It is thus essential to apply the correct products and techniques when waterproofing a balcony. Careful consideration to various factors, including the environment and level of exposure, must be given.

SBS does not apply a one-size-fits-all approach. We have various solutions, to accommodate any balcony and budget. Let one of our specialists give your balcony a free inspection if you feel that there could be a problem.

Warning signs that your balcony may be leaking:
  • Paint bubbling or flaking
  • Damp, musty odours
  • Excessive mould growth
  • Rust stains or spots
  • Cracks
  • SBS uses high quality products. Our work is backed by 10 year guarantees.

  • SBS is an approved ABE Applicator and an Approved Derbigum Contractor.

  • Products used include:

    • Duraflex
    • Derbigum CG3 / CG4
    • Derbigum SP3 / SP4 / SP5
    • Derbigum double sided Mastic Tape
    • Derbigum Tilesafe & Sylbond self adhesive systems

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