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Shower Waterproofing & Repair

A leaking shower is one of the most common repairs performed by SBS. We have extensive experience and an excellent track record in this area.

Category: Waterproofing

Experience: 12 years

Guarantee: 10 years

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Showers often leak due to lack of waterproofing, failure of poor waterproofing or plumbing and waste-pipe faults. If your shower is leaking due to a plumbing problem, a simple plumbing repair might not leave your shower water-tight. Often plumbing replacement in a shower structure damages the waterproofing layers which are over-looked by the plumber. We recommend that a complete shower repair be done in order to guarentee against leaking and costly repairs later on. Our shower repairs are backed by our industry leading 10-year guarantee.

Signs of a leaking shower:
  • Blistering paint around the shower area
  • Rotten skirting boards
  • Rusty door jams
  • Leaking through floor-slab
  • Loose shower tiles
  • SBS uses high quality products. Our work is backed by 10 year guarantees.

  • SBS is an approved ABE Applicator and an Approved Derbigum Contractor.

  • Specification: Leaking Shower Repair:

    • Remove fittings and fixtures
    • Remove tiles of shower base and walls
    • Check and repair any plumbing
    • Replace outlet pipe and S-trap
    • Prepare plastered walls and shower base for waterproofing
    • Fit new reinforced Duraflex waterproofing system (concrete)
    • Fit new reinforced self-adhesive Derbigum Tilesafe waterproofing system
    • Fit new tiles to waterproofed areas
    • Re-fit existing fittings and fixtures

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