Our consulting division was established specifically to serve the waterproofing, roofing and structural needs of architects, property owners, builders and managers. From bidding to final inspection, our goal is to provide quality service. We work with our clients during the decision making process to determine the best performing, long-lasting and most maintenance-free system. Our recommendations are based on solid industry proven methods and details.

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Related Services

Our consulting team provides a range of services, including:
Property Inspections (CPA compliance)  
Roof design  
Roof specifications  
Waterproofing design  
Waterproofing specifications  

Related projects


Our waterproofing experts determine which of the various waterproofing systems best suit your requirements.


We offer custom work for your repairs, re-roofing, eavestroughing, fascia boards, or skylights.

Structural Repair

Our specifications are designed to provide the client with a stress free solution that will work.


Our specialists will come out and assess the problem and propose an appropriate repair programme, tailored to suit the specific needs of the project.