Structural Repair

Our commitment to continual improvement and development enables us to offer effective and economical solutions of a wide range of structural problems affecting properties from domestic dwellings to commercial buildings, and public sector structures. We are continually upgrading equipment and improving methods and techniques of repair and construction.

We use specialist products and techniques that are cost effective and provide permanent, insurance backed solutions to repair cracked and failed buildings. Cracks in properties are a common problem and are caused by different defects that show visible signs of failure by the pattern and location of the crack. SBS is able to diagnose the cause of the cracking and propose appropriate crack repair techniques to repair the defect.

Related Services

We perform several structural repairs, including:
Wall repair:    Structural crack repair, damp prevention and removal
Weatherproofing:  Waterproof painting, rising damp repair

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Our waterproofing experts determine which of the various waterproofing systems best suit your requirements.


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Structural Repair

Our specifications are designed to provide the client with a stress free solution that will work.


Our specialists will come out and assess the problem and propose an appropriate repair programme, tailored to suit the specific needs of the project.